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Documentary:The Origin of Colored Gemstone

Documentary:The Origin of Colored Gemstone

This documentary is the discovery of origin of colored gemstone. It takes place in Myanmar, one of the world largest mineral. The documentary is presented by Junfu Ding.

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Basic \

This video is a basic guide on the fundamentals of how to cut a simple gemstone cabochon. www.lawsongems.com It should also be noted that it is recommended to wear eye protection while cutting...

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Gemstone Cabochon. Working with rough uncut gemstones in Jaipur, India.

Working with rough uncut gemstones in Jaipur, India.

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10 Most Valuable Gemstones Ever Found

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Wow, what a find in the ocean...Unreal!!! Dig and Discover! Found this in the harbor! Cool Stuff...Still can't figure out where it came from.

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Precious Gemstones. How are they created? Full Documentary


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Top 10 Underrated Gemstones

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Full Gemstone Therapy Session Using Foundation-Level Skills

Isabelle Morton, founder of GEMFormulas™ and the Gemstone Therapy Institute™ demonstrates a full gemstone therapy session using foundation-level skills. If you would like to experience...

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Welcome To Ruby Land: Exploring the Gemstones of Burma (Myanmar)

A brief look at the route gemstones take from mines to market in Burma (Myanmar), starting in the Mountains of Mogok and finishing at the Thai border. Hosted by Charles Lawson of Lawson Gems....

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http://blackopaldirect.com/ See the best opal in the world at blackopaldirect.com and Justin will take you on a journey into the opal world in Australia. Justin will show you how to cut opal,...

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Top 5 Most Valuable Gemstones Ever Found

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Full Gemstone Therapy Session #2 from Connecticut

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How to Cut and Polish Semi Precious Gemstone - Ribbonstone | Liz Kreate

Ever wondered what it takes to polish a piece of gemstone? In this video, I'm showing the basic cutting, grinding and polishing of a semi precious gem called a Ribbonstone. MUSIC - 1. \

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Gemstone Identification: Easy and Quick Method for Separating Garnets from Other Gems


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New Gemstone Discovered!!! Gold Sheen Sapphire - New Unique Variety of Sapphire

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urals gemstone emerald alexandrite 2 Documentary Lengh AMAZING Documentary

more video : more video :

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What GEMSTONE Are You?

Take This test to find out what gemstones match your Personality test? Is it Emerald, Diamond, Ruby or something else ??? ▻ Be sure to like and subscribe for more Tests! ↠Alpha Tests...

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Aura Test: Pick a Gemstone and See What it Means 💎

Personality tests - Reveal your True Personality here: http://youtu.be/h_CCbuYY8FY Aura Test - Pick a Gemstone and See What it Means Source: https://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2016/04/test-aura-...

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How It's Made - Gemstones

Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made Gemstones episode. All copyrights go to their respective owners.

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12 Amazing Rare And Valuable Gemstone Discoveries

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How to Cut & Polish Gemstones: Introductory Lesson

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How to Cut a Gemstone?

How to cut a Gemstone This video is a demonstration how to cut and polish a gemstone in a simple and easy way. for more information about gemstone please visit www.batumuliacrystal.com and...

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How Do Gemstones Form?

Gemstones form in a variety of different ways. This video will explore the main basic principles of Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Hydrothermal gemstone creation. Read more here https://www...

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Gemstone Soap

Here's what you'll need! INSTRUCTIONS: Gemstone Soap Materials: Clear glycerin Knife Small heat-safe bowls Microwave Soap fragrance oils Soap color Plastic cup Ice bath Instructions: 1....

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How To Identify Valuable Gemstones by Dr. Lori

Ph.D. antiques appraiser Dr. Lori reveals how you can tell a more valuable gemstone simply by looking at the color of the stone. Great tips for guys shopping for jewelry for wives and girlfriends...

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Gemstone At Pailin Province In Cambodia

Hi! This Is Video I Want To Show You About Gemstone At Pailin Province In Cambodia Date: (August.1.2016). If You Like This Video And Want To Get More Videos With Me! Please Subscribe My Channel...

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GEMSTONE Processing before TUMBLING | Liz Kreate

Tumbling gemstones to get it looking nice and shiny can take weeks. By pre grinding first and putting together gemstones with the same hardness can actually save you a lot of work in the long...

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How to Cut and Polish Gemstones Without Machines

This is a quick video tutorial on how to cut and polish a low hardness gemstone (in this case, Fluorite) using materials that you can find around the home and at your local hardware store....

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Peridot: Raw Gemstone Before and After

Have you ever wondered what happens from a raw gemstone to a cut gemstone? Natalie unboxes some Peridot in it's raw state, uncut state, and cut state! This one is for all of you Steven Universe...

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Gemstone Heaven

Gemstones are scattered everywhere. Have to stop myself from picking up as the car is full. Australian Jade, Turquoise, Chalcedony, Variscite, Dendritic Opal and Jasper just to name a few....

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Steps To Identify Real Ruby Gemstone

Do you know that dark ruby or burmese ruby stone is the best quality ruby gemstones? Do you know that how to differentiate between a fake ruby or original ruby gemstones? Do you know about...

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How We Find Gemstones and Minerals - Liz Kreate

The secret to a successful gem and mineral prospecting trip is as simple as exploring the environment that you're in. I was hoping to find Rutilated Quartz but instead brought back a whole...

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